Single rear systems are very popular these days, but the one problem with them is finding a way to store your repair kit. NOT ANYMORE! XLAB has designed the 1st aerodynamic repair storage bag for these systems. This patent-pending design looks compact & sleek, but at the same time will carry a great deal of essential repair tools.

Fits around the bottle cage on all metal XLAB single rear systems.
Simple install by using the 2 bottle cage holes.
AERO POUCH 300 actually helps the drag behind you by collecting the air into a smooth airflow.
Velcro zipper pull stays down to avoid zipper flapping drag. XLAB focuses on the fine aerodynamic details!

AERO POUCH 300 bag
All required hardware for mounting onto metal DELTA systems
Installation Instructions
Tough woven nylon. Rigid insert to maintain shape
Capacity: 0.39 liter
Weight:107 grams


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